Welcome to Heteroz - We build molecules

Heteroz, LLC. is a product and service company, located at Research Triangle Park, NC USA. The company supplies novel building blocks and screening compounds for research & development process. We also make customer specific compounds based on their molecular designs and target proteins.

Heteroz also provides custom synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. We ensure high quality standard and on time, in full delivery. Our company has an expertise in the design and preparation of multi-step targets on scales ranging from milligrams to kilograms. We work with your process or we will develop a process that is economically viable and more efficient.

Our capabilities include:

  • Development of innovative molecules.
  • Process Research-Custom synthesis and synthetic route evaluation from g-kg for intermediates.
  • Process development-Custom synthesis g-kg

Our Business Model:

Based on clients requirements we offer our services through the following business models.

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) based
  • Fee For Service (FFS) based
  • Integrated Research Programs

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Our Products

High Purity Laboratory Solvents.xlsx                                                                  High Purity Laboratory Solvents.pdf 

List of Chemicals Ready to Ship.xlsx                                                                 List of Chemicals Ready to Ship.pdf

Selected Iodine Derivatives.xlsx                                                                        Selected Iodine Derivatives.pdf

Boron Compounds.xlsx                                                                                        Boron Compounds.pdf

Specialty Chemicals.xlsx                                                                                     Specialty Chemicals.pdf

Fused compounds.xlsx                                                                                         Fused compounds.pdf

Spiro compounds.xlsx                                                                                          Spiro compounds.pdf

Bridged Building Blocks.xlsx                                                                               Bridged Building Blocks.pdf

Antioxidant Products.xlsx                                                                                     Antioxidant Products.pdf

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).xlsx                                                Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).pdf

Bulk Drug Intermediates.xlsx                                                                              Bulk Drug Intermediates.pdf

Herbal Products.xlsx                                                                                            Herbal Products.pdf

Cosmetic Products.xlsx                                                                                       Cosmetic Products..pdf

Our Services

Synthetic Chemistry

Heteroz, LLC. offer a variety of synthetic chemistry including, custom synthesis, reference standards, impurity synthesis, library and peptides synthesis. Our chemists are well trained to perform reactions including asymmetric synthesis, organometallic chemistry, metal mediated transformations, nucleotide chemistry, carbohydrate, macrocyclic compounds, fluorine and boron chemistry, high pressure and cryogenic reactions, enzymatic reactions, etc.

Peptides, Peptidomimetics and Conjugate Chemistry

We’ve the ability to design and synthesize linear and branched chain peptides. We also work on peptide conjugate that helps in conjugation with ADC linker, biomolecules, carbohydrates, heterocycles and other amino acids.

Library Synthesis

Heteroz, LLC., provides high quality and cost-effective solutions for parallel chemistry/library synthesis. We’ve enriched experience in synthesizing focused and large libraries and products are shipped in various formats as requested by clients.

Process Chemistry

Process Development is very crucial in scaling-up a drug candidate. We specialize in all phases of process development including development of a process within timeline and budget, produce cost effective processes utilizing cheaper materials and reagents, and timely delivery of product as determined during the signing of contract.