Heteroz, LLC is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina USA. The company supplies high-quality organic electronic materials and bioactive molecules for the research and development process. We also make customer-specific compounds based on their molecular designs and target structures. 

Heteroz also provides custom synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. We ensure high-quality standards and on time, in full delivery. Our company has expertise in the design and preparation of multi-step targets on scales ranging from milligrams to kilograms. We work with your process or we will develop a process that is economically viable and more efficient.

Our Capabilities Include:

• Development of innovative molecules.
• Process Research – Custom synthesis and synthetic route evaluation from g – kg for intermediates.
• Process Development – Custom synthesis from g-kg.​

Our Business Model:  

Based on the client’s requirements we offer our services through the following business models.
• Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Based 
• Fee For Service (FFS) Based 
• Integrated Drug Discovery Programs 

Heteroz collections are unique, small molecule libraries, designed for screening based on chemical genetics, chemical biology, and target validation. We provide custom compound library services based on your unique collection of compounds.


Organic Electronic Materials

Organic electronic devices do things that silicon-based electronics can’t in terms of functionality and accessibility of electronics.

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Bioactive Molecules

Bioactive Molecules have diverse pharmacological activities and applications for treatment of many diseases.

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Building Blocks

Amines, Carboxylic Acids, Halides, Indoles, Sulfonyl Chlorides, Pyrimidines and more.

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Catalysts & Ligands

Various metal catalysts and ligands are available for cross-coupling reactions.

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