We provide the following two main services

Manufacturing Services

Heteroz LLC, comprehensively covers the special needs of the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, agrochemicals, and electronic industries. We can synthesize a wide variety of small molecules, including natural products, chiral molecules, heterocyclic compounds, amino acids, and carbohydrates. Our services mainly include APIs, drug intermediates, drug metabolites, and drug analogs. We take utmost care in determining synthetic feasibility, scale-up the reaction, process development, and optimization using safer techniques, impurities identification, characterization and synthesis, lead optimization, structure-activity optimization, and route development.

We also offer high quality and cost-effective solution to your parallel chemistry/library synthesis, which include but are not limited to: 

  • Parallel synthesis of focused libraries, for hit-to-lead, and lead optimization;
  • Scaffold synthesis;
  • High purity library compounds using parallel purification. 

Consultancy Services

Our clients benefit from our consultants’ expertise in the field of Organic Chemistry. We offer services by designing and executing efficient and economical chemical syntheses of entities that are not readily available.

Our consultancy services will help the clients in: 

  • Redesigning of synthetic routes to get the desired molecules quickly and efficiently;
  • Feasibility studies to determine the viability of proposed routes; 
  • Perform detailed literature surveys. 

We also help clients how to purify the intermediates and final products using different purification strategies like distillation, crystallization, extraction, sublimation, and chromatography. We also help in identifying, synthesizing, and characterizing impurities during the synthesis of APIs.